Ptosis – Breast Lift Austin- Sagging Grade I

By: Our Team

Are you interested in a breast lift because of sagging breasts? Breastfeeding, smoking, or the aging process can cause breast ptosis, or sagging. Part of understanding breast ptosis is understanding how to classify its level of severity. This is done through a grade scale.

Grade I ptosis, also called first degree ptosis, is the most mild grade. For Grade I, the areola is level with the inframammary crease (the area where the breast meets the chest). The majority of the breast tissue located beneath the areola – called lower pole tissue – dips beneath the crease line.

Doctors Ned Snyder and Robert Whitfield, both board-certified cosmetic surgeons, can help you remedy Grade I ptosis with a breast lift or augmentation, depending on your goals. Contact our office to set up a consultation.

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