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Breast Implant Reconstruction in Austin, TX

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When faced with a life-changing decision to have a mastectomy and breast reconstruction, many women can feel overwhelmed with all of the options. At Snyder Plastic Surgery at The Breast and Body Center, we offer women breast reconstruction with saline or silicone implants or their own natural fat tissues from a donor site. The most common breast reconstructive technique our board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Ned Snyder IV performs is the implant-based reconstruction. Many patients are good candidates for breast implant reconstruction, especially when that patient is not a candidate for a flap reconstruction or is she wants a shorter recovery period. During your consultation at Snyder Plastic Surgery at The Breast and Body Center, Dr. Snyder will help you decide which procedure is right for you. Make an appointment to talk to our dedicated team in Austin, TX.

Tissue Expander

Implant-based reconstruction is typically a multi-step process with an inflatable, temporary implant called a tissue expander placed in the breast pocket after the mastectomy is completed. The tissue expander is gradually inflated over a 3-month period in the office until it is filled to an adequate size. Dr. Snyder will determine if the tissue expander step of your reconstruction is necessary to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Surgical Technique

You will have a team of doctors involved in the strategic planning of your mastectomy and implant-based breast reconstruction. This is an outpatient procedure performed at a local hospital or an accredited surgical facility with a general anesthesia. Implant-based breast reconstruction surgery lasts 1 – 2 hours in addition to the time your general surgeon will need for the mastectomy. Dr. Snyder will insert a breast implant of saline or silicone (with a fixed volume) once your general surgeon has finished removing your natural breast tissue. Unless you have a nipple-sparring mastectomy, your nipple and areola will also be removed.  A nipple reconstruction can take place after the mastectomy and reconstruction heals and will be scheduled at a later date and time determined by Dr. Snyder.

If you require a tissue expander, it will be inserted into your reconstructed breast. The expander will incrementally get larger with weekly visits to our office for injections of saline solution until the desired size is met. Then, you will have another surgery to have the expander taken out and replaced with an implant.

During/After Surgery

Having a shorter recovery period is often one of the best advantages of the implant-based breast reconstruction. You will need to return to Snyder Plastic Surgery at The Breast and Body Center within 7 days of discharge for a follow-up appointment. It is important to follow all directives in drain and wound care, pain management, and limit your physical activities. If you have questions or concerns, please call our office for further instructions.

Implant Reconstruction FAQs

What if I only need one?

You may only need a single breast implant to reconstruct one breast and this can be accommodated if needed. Your unaffected breast may still need to have surgery, though. To make sure your breasts are symmetrical, you may consider having a breast lift or reduction to make your breasts look the same. Your nipple may need to be repositioned as well. During your treatment planning session, you can discuss how you would like both of your breasts to look with Dr. Snyder.

What If I need Radiation?

Unfortunately, the complication rate is higher for women with implant-based breast reconstruction when there are radiation treatments after surgery. If you have to have radiation after your breast reconstruction, we may suggest you have a tissue-based reconstruction for less risk.

Replacement Implants?

Implant-based reconstruction may require revision surgeries and lifelong maintenance of the breast implants, which may include eventual implant replacements later in life. It is important to keep all of your follow-up appointments at Snyder Plastic Surgery at The Breast and Body Center so that we can follow your progress and assist in your reconstructed breast health.

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