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If you would like to enhance your facial features with a longer-lasting solution than injectable fillers, we can offer you a consultation for a facial implant. At Snyder Plastic Surgery at The Breast and Body Center, we have chin and cheek augmentation surgeries to establish a stronger, more defined look to your facial profile. Austin, TX board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Ned Snyder IV can discuss with you many options if you are considering chin or cheek augmentation. Call our one of our friendly patient coordinators in Austin, TX to set up a one-on-one, private consultation. Facial implants can not only rejuvenate your facial appearance, it can drastically change your look or make a subtle improvement for facial harmony. 

Types of Facial Implants

Chin Implants

Chin augmentation, or mentoplasty, adds volume to a receding chin by placing an implant to improve the proportion and contours of the face. During chin augmentation, the implant is positioned over the bone and below the lips. A pocket is created, which will hold the prosthesis in place. Sometimes the bone is shaved to create a groove for the implant. Incisions are commonly placed in areas that can easily conceal scars – on the underside of the chin or inside the lip, just between where the lower lip meets the gum. Chin augmentation can be performed to supplement a nose procedure (such as rhinoplasty) to balance and improve the contours of the entire face. The results after this procedure are almost always positive for patients. An experienced plastic surgeon will create subtle results, yet dramatic enough to make a significant improvement to a person’s self esteem. Synthetic implants come in different sizes and shapes that can be matched to the patient’s preferences and aesthetic goals. There are also methods when an autologous approach can be taken using your own bone from a rib or pelvic area and made to serve as an implant.

Cheek Augmentation

Strong cheekbones give an individual a defined facial profile, which many find appealing and youthful looking. Cheek augmentation places implants or (nonsurgical) injectable fillers within the mid-face to correct the loss of volume that occurs with weight loss, aging, or gravity. Cheek augmentation surgery alone may take years off the face and also help to decrease the visible effects of laugh lines, wrinkles, loose jowls, and a sagging jawline. There are many options to consider with cheek augmentation, each with an outcome that can provide plumpness to the cheeks and establish a rejuvenated facial appearance.

Cheek implants are either placed within the malar (directly on the cheekbone) or submalar (below the cheekbone) area. These are inserted through incisions made typically within the upper lip or below the eyes. Implants can vary in type, size, and shape depending on the analysis of the cheek structure. 

Implant/Filler Options

Silicone Implants

A silicone implant is an augmentation solution to add volume to the cheeks with a variety of shapes and sizes that match your preference. Dr. Snyder will consider the implant's shape and size, as well as the definition the implant will provide after a digital analysis of your facial structure has been assessed. Pockets will be made directly against the cheekbone where the implants will be fitted and sutured. This type of silicone is unlike the silicone gel found in breast implants and it is a safer option as it is in solid form that does not risk leakage.

Porous Polythylene

Another popular implant option is porous polyethylene, which is also inserted the same way as a silicone implant. Because the material is porous, it shapes naturally according to the cheek’s internal contours. This type of implant also attaches better to the bones and tissues and allows tissue grow through it further adjusting it to the cheek’s natural form. A disadvantage with this implant is that because of this tissue integration, it is quite difficult to remove the implant should the patient want it taken out.

Hyaluronic Acid

We can use injections of hyaluronic acid (HA) for a nonsurgical treatment to augment the chin or cheeks. This is a naturally occurring substance within the body and often found in the connective tissue. It is processed as an injectable filler for medical purposes, including cosmetic surgery. The least invasive of all facial augmentation procedures, this HA filler is injected in deep layers within the mid-face area. While most fillers create beautiful, natural results, the outcome is not permanent. Most fillers will last approximately 6 – 12 months and treatments will need to be maintained to continue the augmented look.

Fat Grafting

Another natural substance that can be injected into the mid-face to enhance volume is the patient’s own fat tissues that are harvested from donor sites using liposuction and then reinjected into the cheeks. Fat can also be absorbed by the body over time, so similar to an injectable filler, this option does not create a long-lasting result.

During/After Surgery

Cheek or chin augmentation is done as an outpatient procedure with the use of anesthesia. It is performed in an accredited surgical facility. We will discuss with you in great detail the processes and procedure details during your treatment planning session.

Bruising, swelling and numbness are a part of the immediate recovery and usually subside within the second week. Although the result of your surgery will be quickly noticeable, over the course of a few months as the implant settles into its new position, the results will become softer and more natural.

Facial Implant FAQs

Implants or Fillers?

Generally, both have long-standing records when it comes to safety. The major concern that many patients have is how permanent the results are. Injectable fillers are mostly temporary. As these are manufactured from natural substances, a great volume of the filler is absorbed by the body. Silicone implants are made solid in this type of augmentation and have no risk of leakage, which renders them longer lasting than other materials.

Natural Results?

Initially, the face will feel stretched and tight as the implants settle into its position. This is normal and the sensation will gradually disappear. It is important to find a plastic surgeon, like Dr. Snyder, who has a good track record in performing facial procedures to ensure that the results you want.

Fatty Chin?

Chin augmentation is designed to emphasize the jawline and create a balanced overall facial appearance. If there are excess fat deposits under the chin that create an appearance of a double chin, liposuction may be performed. Before any cosmetic surgery, it is advised that you be close or already at your goal weight so it does not compromise the positive results of your surgery. Sometimes, liposuction is sufficient as it already defines the chin without ever needing an implant.

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