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Do you have an aesthetic goal to drop a few pounds and lose a "double chin" appearance? Have diet and exercise failed to produce the results you want? If not, our Austin, TX board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ned Snyder IV may have a solution worth trying with Kybella® . The Food and Drug Administration has approved Kybella® to be injected into the submental fat right underneath your chin. This innovative injectable can decrease moderate-to-severe fatty tissues that cause you to look like you have a double chin. Even the most disciplined person, who follows a healthy diet and workout regimen, cannot escape a hereditary chin that accumulates pockets of stubborn fat. Give your genetics a helping hand with deoxycholic acid, the main ingredient in Kybella® , to reduce fat beneath your chin. At our offices in Round Rock and Austin, Dr. Snyder provide consultations for Kybella® injections. Let us help you achieve the slimmer look you desire.

Treatment Technique

After cleaning the submental area, Dr. Snyder will inject Kybella® into multiple sites under the chin. Each in-office treatment session is typically 15 – 20 minutes at Snyder Plastic Surgery at The Breast and Body Center. Deoxycholic acid, the active ingredient in Kybella® , is a naturally-occurring molecule that can be by the body to breakdown and destroy fat. Once destroyed, these fat cells will not return. After the aesthetic response is achieved, re-treatment with Kybella® is not expected.

Kybella® is an alternative to surgical neck liposuction for patients who only need fat removed under their chin. If the patient wants fat removed from the rest of the neck, surgical neck liposuction is the best option. Dr. Snyder will help every patient determine their best treatment plan after listening to their concerns and goals in the initial consultation.

I had an amazing experience with beautiful results - I couldn’t be happier with my breast augmentation results. Everyone that I met from my first consultation to my post follow up after surgery were extremely helpful and informative. Dr. Snyder himself is an amazing surgeon. My results are perfect and better than I ever could have imagined. I highly recommend him if you are thinking about this procedure. His PA, Jen was extremely helpful and informative as well. The facilities from Dr. Snyder’s office to the surgical site used were clean, beautiful and comfortable. I felt well taken care the entire time and am thrilled with my results.

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After back to back pregnancies, my body had been put through the ringer in a short period of time. I had an umbilical hernia and diastasis recti. Dr. Snyder restored my body and sanity after a mini tummy tuck and a much needed breast lift. I never imagined the results I got. They were better than I expected and my husband was very impressed as well. Dr. Snyder is a true artist! I have told all my Mommy friends to get their "Body by Snyder." Thank you Dr. Snyder for making me feel and look like myself again!

A.D. Google

Highly Recommended - I recently had Eurothreads, non-surgical face lift, with Dr. Ned Snyder and Jen. During the treatment, I was very confident in Dr. Snyder’s expertise and gentleness. Jen was there to assist during treatment and helped explain the procedure to me. I am very pleased with my results. I can not say enough about Dr. Snyder, Jen and his wonderful team. I highly recommend him for non surgical and surgical procedures.

J. RealSelf

I chose Dr. Snyder for my tummy tuck and liposuction. He came highly referred by a friend as well as online reviews. I’m truly thankful that I chose Dr. Snyder and his staff as they cared for me as if I were a loved one. I felt safe, educated, respected, and cared for in a real genuine and honest way.I had first consulted with Sono Bello and fear what my results would have been if I would have chosen that route. I am 5 weeks post surgery, couldn't be happier with my results, my follow ups, and the support from his staff to answer and and all questions along the way. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Snyder and getting to know his care team during your consultation. I've been waiting to do this for a decade and wouldn't change a thing.Thanks team!!!

M.J. Google

I met Dr. Ned Snyder as I was looking for a second opinion for a revision of breast reconstruction and a neck lift. And I am so happy I did. The interaction between physician and patient started wonderfully since the very beginning. I was able to get an appointment with him soon after my telephone call to his office, and continued smoothly throughout the whole process, prior to surgery, during surgery itself, and on all my post-surgery appointments. Dr. Ned Snyder is not onl...y a fantastic surgeon but also an artist. What he did with my body I consider it a piece of art! The results were well beyond my expectations. Dr. Snyder and all his staff are professional, warm, and courteous. In addition, the cost estimate I received from Dr. Snyder’s office after my consultation with him was about half of previous estimates with other plastic surgeons. I am forever grateful to Dr. Ned Snyder.

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During/After The Procedure

Most patients will begin to see visible results in 2 – 4 treatment sessions. Patients can have up to 6 treatment sessions with less than a month in between each session. After the treatment, patients may have temporary swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, or redness.

Surgical Neck Liposuction

Kybella® is an alternative to surgical neck liposuction for patients who only need fat removed from the area under their chin. If the patient wants fat removed from the rest of the neck, surgical neck liposuction is the best option. Dr. Snyder will help every patient determine their best treatment plan after listening to their concerns and goals in the initial consultation.

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Other Areas?

While it is being researched, Kybella® is not currently approved to eliminate fat in any other areas of the body and Dr. Snyder will only inject Kybella® into the area below the patient’s chin. The uses of Kybella® will hopefully be expanded, but for now, a patient can enjoy getting rid of their double chin with Kybella®.


Before receiving Kybella® injections, Dr. Snyder will ask about the patient’s current medications and medical conditions during their initial consultation. Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding may not get Kybella® injections. Kybella® is also not available for anyone under the age of 18.

Are There Side Effects?

Kybella® side effects may include swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness or formation of small areas of firmness. Care must be taken when injecting Kybella® in the chin to avoid the risk of nerve injury and dysphagia (difficulty swallowing).

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.