Non-Surgical Options for a Younger Looking You

By: Our Team


One of the newest, and hottest trends in the aesthetic community is the non-surgical Morpheus8 fractional skin treatment device, and we are proud to now offer it to our patients! We have been very excited about this treatment option for quite a while! So, you’re wondering now, well what IS it!? How will it benefit me!? Can something non-surgical really give me results!? Let’s find out!

The Morpheus8 is fractional skin treatment designed to stimulate collage production and reduce wrinkles. It helps to slow the effects of aging, and restore the skin’s natural youthfulness, all in the office without anesthesia or major downtime, and in as little as one treatment! By targeting the deeper layers of the skin, your underlying tissue can be remodeled to help reveal a more youthful you. The technology employs a special head compromised of surgical-grade needles, which gently penetrate the skin, allowing customized, controlled-depth access to the deeper tissue layers. Once activated, the needles emit radiofrequency and heat the surrounding tissue, causing the body to stimulate collagen production in the treated area. 

This technology, unlike many others, can be used in multiple areas of the body, not just the face! It is also great for using as combination therapy with other procedures, even surgical ones, to help achieve even greater results, and areas often ignored, such as the back of the neck, knees, and legs. One of the other, most exciting benefits, is that for the first time ever, there is now a technology to benefit ALL skin types, even darker skin tones; something we have never had before! While patients may begin to see some immediate effects, it typically takes about 30 days to see marked improvement, as the body needs time to heal and regenerate those deeper layers. And unlike some other treatments, you can return to normal activity, exercise, and use of makeup the next day. 

Since every face, and every body is different, it is recommended that you crate a custom treatment plan with us, which will allow us to address your concerns, and create a unique, tailor-made plan to meet your needs most effectively. We have already had great success with this treatment, and continue to see Tik Tok videos, Instagram reels, and before and after photos posted all across social media from the public, and celebrities alike! This new technology is taking the aesthetic world by storm, rebuilding lost confidences, and changing lives! Our team of providers are board certified, educated in the safest, most current technologies, and have proven success rates. We encourage you to come in and talk to us about your concerns, no matter how big, or how small. We can work with you to come up with a tailored plan to meet your needs and goals and help you to RENEW YOU!

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