Let's talk about men!

By: Our Team

He did WHAT?! Plastic surgery isn’t just for the ladies! A large part of our patient population is comprised of men of all different ages, body styles, and needs. As summer approaches, we often see an uptick in the amount of men coming in for consultations, to discuss everything from liposuction contouring, to male breast surgery, and non-invasive procedures as well! It might seem that women are more eager to come in and talk about treatment options, but often times, the men we meet have done their research, and are ready to move forward with treatment, often times within a few days or weeks. 

Male plastic surgery doesn’t have to mean that something dramatic is done, it’s often about someone’s level of self-consciousness, often times when they are at the pool, or in the gym. One of the most common male procedure we perform, is male breast surgery, or gynecomastia. Some men develop excess, glandular breast tissue during puberty, after steroid use, or hormonal changes. This excess tissue can be embarrassing, but it can also be tender, and affect someone’s daily life in many ways. Unfortunately, the glandular tissue must be directly excised, and cannot be removed by liposuction alone, and often will not improve on it’s own with time. By excising this hardened tissue, it allows the breast to lay more flat, and is often combined with some liposuction contouring of the chest to improve the contour! 

A tummy tuck for a guy!? But I thought only women needed that after pregnancy!? We meet men of all ages who, often through just diet and exercise alone, have lost massive amounts of weight, sometimes even 200 pounds or more! While weight loss is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, it often leaves patients with excess skin…and lots of it! Many of the men who come to us for skin removal surgery after weight loss, find that the excess skin on the stomach, thighs, arms, and chests, becomes irritated, and gets in the way at the gym. The scars from surgery are often hidden under clothing and bathing suits, and can change a man’s confidence, in the same ways that it can boost a woman’s confidence after pregnancy changes.

But what about all this talk of “Brotox”? While surgical options in men can make all the difference in addressing their concerns, we definitely hear more apprehension from men about facial surgery. More and more men are opting to try non-surgical options, like fillers, and Botox® , to address lines and wrinkles. These options, combined with a skincare regimen, can take years off and leave you looking refreshed and more confident, without the downtime and recovery! These are just a few of the options we have here, and we encourage you to contact us, and discuss your options!

It’s time to get control back of your body, and change the things that have always bothered you, but you were maybe too afraid to bring up! No one should ever feel ashamed to speak up and ask questions or ask for help! Our entire, highly trained team at Snyder Plastic Surgery at the Breast and Body Center of Austin is here to help, and answer all your most personal, and intimate questions! Schedule your complimentary consultation today and get on the road to RENEWING YOU!

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